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IL tanning salons, customers, dislike new tanning law

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Effective January 1, anyone under 18 will be banned from indoor tanning in Illinois.

Governor Pat Quinn signed the bill into law on Thursday.

The new law affects all tanning salons across Illinois.

Tropic Tan in Mt. Carmel says this will not be good for business.

"When they're taking away 14 to 17 year old tanners, that is a ton of revenue that every tanning salon is going to lose," say Jenna Swanson.

She opened Mt. Carmel Topic Tan five years ago and says a lot of her customers are under the age of 18.

She believes because of the new law, they will lose between 30-40% of their earnings.

"I think it stinks because Illinois already takes 10% of the revenue off of every single tanner that walks through our doors," says Jenna, the former owner.

In a press release, Governor Quinn says, "I am signing these new laws today so that our youth and their families can be spared the consequences of very serious and preventable health problems that are caused by dangerous habits formed at a young age."

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the World Health Organization say natural, artificial ultra-violet radiation can lead to skin cancer.

17-year-old Carly Reeves tans twice a week and doesn't like the new law.

"My friends have heard this, and they're disappointed, and they're all freaking out like, 'What are we going to do for homecoming and prom,'" says Carly.

Carly says some of her friend's parents are thinking about purchasing their own tanning beds. Another option is spray tanning.

As for Jenna, she just doesn't agree with the new law.

Illinois law already bans tanning for anyone younger than 14.

Those between 14 and 17 can tan with parental permission, but that will change once the law goes into affect January 1.

Tanning salons who violate the new law can be fined up to $250.

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