Ohio county woman files lawsuit over animal shelter

An Ohio County woman filed a lawsuit against the Ohio County Fiscal Court claiming Ohio County violated the Kentucky Humane Shelter Law and the Ohio County Animal Control Ordinance.

The lawsuit filed by Debbie McDaniel says the Ohio County Animal Shelter used inappropriate methods to put animals down, animals were not given adequate veterinary care, and holding areas for animals were not cleaned properly which can threaten the safety and health of the animals. "We know that there are issues right now with the shelter because they had an outbreak of feline distemper and it is creating a lot problems. We are hoping we can address those outside of the lawsuit," said Cathryn Callahan, Debbie McDaniel's attorney.

McDaniel says she wants the county to protect the welfare of the animals at the shelter and develop better relationships with rescues and volunteers to get the animals adopted. 14 News contacted Ohio County Judge Executive David Johnston's office Thursday afternoon, but Judge Executive Johnston was not available for comment.

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