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Mother of Gibson Co. murder victim breaks her silence

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Jesica Tice. Source: Facebook Jesica Tice. Source: Facebook

The mother of murder victim Jesica Tice is breaking her silence. 

The accused killer, Jason Perry, is harassing her family from behind bars. Gibson County officials say Perry was able to make three phone calls to the family's home last night, leaving a voice mail the family says is haunting them.

Jesi's mom, Rita Dougan, says the family came home Tuesday night to three messages on their answering machine. Jesi and Perry's son, who she has custody of, pressed the play button and heard Perry's voice, bringing the memory of his mother's murder flooding back.

Perry is isolated inside the Gibson County Jail. In a desperate attempt to contact the son who witnessed the murder of his mother, he left this voicemail.

"An inmate at Gibson County Jail, 'I love you so much,' would like you to accept this call."

Rita says hearing the voicemail was Perry's way of showing them that he thinks he is still in control of them.

"Hearing that voice again after how many times he's threatened us. I mean it wasn't just Jesi, he was threatening to kill the children, threatening to kill me, all of her family," Rita told 14 News.

The family was celebrating Jesi's son's eighth grade graduation at Los Aztecas. Rita says Perry was harassing them during the graduation and during lunch. Rita says she wouldn't talk to him and he exploded.

"He says fine, 'I'll go get my family and we'll see who walks out of here,'" Rita said.

Rita says Perry left and came back, waiting in the parking lot for the family to leave.

"Just to be able to walk out into the sunshine and be shot like that. It wasn't enough that he shot her, he had to reload and shoot her again in the head," Rita said.

Rita says Jesi told her son to run away when she saw Perry with the gun. That was the last thing she said to her son.

"We did so many things together from the time she was born. I mean, she was my shadow, even when the boys started coming, we raised the boys as a team," Rita said.

Rita says Jesi's absence in the town can be felt everywhere.

Jesi's mom runs the Justice for Jesi Facebook page. Many of her supporters continue to post their fondest memories of her so she is never forgotten.

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