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Some neighbors aren't on board with new grocery store plans

Developers want to build a new grocery story in Vanderburgh County, but some neighbors aren't happy with the plans. 

14 News is told Houchens Properties wants to build an IGA Neighborhood grocery store, gas station, and restaurant at the intersection of Heckel and Green River. To do that, the property needs to be rezoned.

This is the property where Houchens wants to build the store heavily-wooded lot that is notorious for flooding. Residents firmly believe building here will only make matters worse. 

For now, a county commissioners' vote is delayed.

Debbie Schwent has lived near the intersection of Heckel and Green River Road for almost 30 years. For decades, her family has endured flood after flood.

"We were use to the flooding. But now since they've raised Green River Road so much, it's just, we're doomed," Schwent said.

Schwent says when the city raised Green River Road four years ago, it lessened flooding on the roadway, but increased flood waters in surrounding neighborhoods.

At last night's commissioner's meeting, Schwent says Houchens properties admitted the new buildings would raise the flood waters even further.

"They said it would raise it like an inch. Well, an inch is a mile. An inch can make the difference between going in your house and not going in your house. You realize, this doesn't just come up, it goes out. So, that's more people that are going to get flooded," Schwent said.

County Commissioner President Marsha Abell says Houchens has presented the commissioners with a drainage plan, but that they won't vote on the rezoning measure until the county surveyor has had a chance to review it.

But regardless of the flooding issue, Schwent believes the whole project is entirely unnecessary and that the lack of sidewalks here won't make access easy.

"You're still going to have to get in your car and go. So, if you're going to get in your car and go, go on down to Schnuck's, Meijer. Menards even has some groceries. There's Huck's down there. If you're going to get in your car, why go a block and a half, when you could just go ahead and go down to a grocery store that has everything," Schwent said.

The county commissioners are set to vote on rezoning on August 27. 

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