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Dishcrawlers head downtown for local eats

The second Dishcrawl in Evansville brought a near sell-out crowd to some downtown restaurants Tuesday night. 

Organizers say several recent campaigns have been instrumental in highlighting what Evansville has to offer. He says the Dishcrawl gives people the chance to try some great Evansville food they may not have tried.

Dishcrawlers wasted no time digging in at four downtown eateries. First at Backstage Bar and Grill then The Jungle. Babel was the place for sushi and then dessert at Anthony's Heavenly Cheesecakes.
Nearly 30 people signed up, making this second Dishcrawl a success. The first was earlier this year on Franklin Street.
Diners tried bleu cheese burgers, macadamia blue chicken, sushi, and of course, some cheesecake. Everyone said they had a great time.

"It was fantastic. It was great and there was so much flavor in my mouth," Dishcrawler Tucker McLean said. "It's always good to expand your horizons. There's a lot of good places to eat in Evansville, but a lot of people don't know about them." 

"We really want to get the word out about these restaurants. You go to the same restaurants every weekend. This is an opportunity to try new things and to try local and that's the most important part," said Michael Armanno, the communications manager with Dishcrawl Evansville.

This won't be the last Dishcrawl event. Organizers are planning a food truck crawl and what they're calling Battledish in October, which is a competition between local chefs where the people tasting the food will be the real winners.

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