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Expansion possible at Jasper's elementary schools

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The Jasper School Board is considering expanding all three of the corporation's elementary schools.

Jasper Superintendent Dr. Tracy Lorey says all three greater Jasper Elementary Schools are in need of some extra space. But the most important need, she says, is at Ireland Elementary, where the problem is overcrowding.

Lorey says none of Jasper's Elementary Schools, Ireland, Tenth Street, and Fifth Street, have made physical upgrades in over 20 years. So, Lorey says the corporation hired architectural firm Gibraltar Design to conduct a feasibility study.

Gibraltar has presented several options to address concerns over the three school's mechanical, electrical, and technological infrastructures, as well as to increase space.

Lorey says, basically, the solutions consist of either expanding each school or combining Tenth and Fifth Street, possibly into a brand-new building.

"Is it more prudent for us to combine those elementary grades into one school? Or is it still appropriate to keep them split? If you combine them, there are limitations to the current sites that both of those schools sit on that prohibit a real nice clean combination of schools," Lorey said.

Lorey says the school system doesn't have a deadline in place for the finalization of any kind of project. She says, if a project were to occur, it would likely be paid for by taxpayers, meaning she wants a lot more public input in the months to come. 

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