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Residents along Oak Hill Rd. concerned over construction and bus routes

EVSC students are headed back to school on Wednesday, and you might want to double check your child's bus route before sending them out the door. 

Construction along Oak Hill Road means students in neighbors on the east side of the street will have to come down the hill to catch the bus. As the project moves along, the route will continue to change. 

"Some people want to go right through. Sometimes it will take you from the point we live to Oak Hill, it might take 20 minutes to get down there when normally it would only take maybe two or three minutes to get down there," resident Donna Cosby said.

Cosby and her family live right on Oak Hill Road and watch the construction day in and day out. Sometimes cars have trouble navigating the one lane road, but buses won't have to. 

"Normally they pick him up at the house and we got a call from the bus driver couple days ago, and they say they're going to pick him up down on Maxx Road, so we have to take him down there at 6:30 in the morning," Cosby said.  

The construction company will allow them to use the road, but EVSC officials say the one lane portions that are down to the dirt are unsafe. So they've centralized pickup locations to avoid the construction. 

Project Manager Jason Ragle says the project is on track and travel concerns should ease in the coming month. 

"If schedule stays on and weather cooperates, we'll be working on actual paving operations the week after Labor Day and looking to have an initial traffic switch from Lake Drive to the south on to the new pavement around that time," Ragle said.

Officials say this portion of the Oak Hill project should be completed next summer.

If you'd like to double check your child's bus route, all you have to do is plug in your address online and the site will give the time and place of the bus stop. Click here to go to that page.

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