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Sidewalk dining a future possibility in Henderson

Henderson City Commissioners are considering an ordinance that would allow sidewalk dining in Downtown Henderson.

What would it mean for restaurant owners? The ordinance would apply to any establishment that serves a majority of food. 

Commonwealth kitchen and Bar owner Jayson Munoz says he would love to see the ordinance pass. He says he would be able to fit three tables or about 12 people outside. 

With growing amounts of people visiting Henderson, Munoz says alfresco seating would allow people to soak in the environment.

"Constantly at CKB we're asking people how many people have been to Downtown Henderson and 40 to 50 people are saying this is our first time. I think that we draw even more over if we had some alfresco seating," Munoz said.

Tuesday night is the first reading of the ordinance. It will be followed by a second reading in two weeks. If passed it will go immediately into effect.

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