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Daviess Co. deputies will patrol detour near school zone

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Work is underway on the Audubon Parkway near the bypass in Daviess County.

Larry Dunn says he bought his first home in Sorgho 47 years ago and has been living there since. He says Highway 56 in front of his house is usually quiet.

"Use to when we looked out the kitchen window it would be 15 minutes, 20 minutes, a half hour before anybody passed. Now, it's zip, zip, zip, zip," said Larry Dunn.

The eastbound US 60 ramp to the Audubon Parkway westbound is closed for work. Some drivers are taking Highway 56 past Sorgho Elementary School to get around the construction.

The Daviess County Sheriff's Office is telling drivers taking the route to slow down.

"Just that flashing light signifying it's a school zone is not enough to convince most of them that they should slow down and be careful," said SGT. Kent Taul, Daviess County Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's Office says patrolling school zones before and after school is one of their highest priorities. Dunn says he likes the sheriff's office increased presence near his house, but he would like them to catch more speeders.

"It probably needs some more patrolling," Dunn said. "They just zip around when the sheriff's aren't here."

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says eastbound motorist on US 60 seeking to travel westbound on the Audubon Parkway towards Henderson should loop through the Kentucky 81 interchange to use the westbound entry ramp to access the Audubon Parkway.

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