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Warrick Co. family says pet mysteriously disappeared from fenced in yard

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A Warrick County family says their neighbors harass them about putting their dog outside, and after the family installed a new secure dog chain, their pet mysteriously disappeared. 

The Goldman's dog, Bella, lives in a fenced in yard. She has a dog house, a large tub of water and food bowls sitting by the door. They say apparently their care for their dog didn't appease their neighbors and now their family pet is missing.

Bella, a one year old coon dog spent her days in Mark Goldman's backyard on a stake. Mark's mother, Terri Goldman and who helps care for the dog, says they had suspicions that someone was messing with the chain.

"When he came home one morning, it was moved closed to the fence by the neighbors house so if the dog jumped over the fence it would hang itself," Terri said.

So, Mark setup a video camera to keep an eye on Bella. When they woke up Sunday morning, she was gone. They checked the cameras.

"It was dark. It took the screen, but we can tell it was done at dark where the dog was taken," Terri said.

But one neighbor says the dog wasn't stolen. She says Bella escaped on her own. 

"She broke free and somebody tried catching her, but they didn't obviously want to get in trouble, so they let the dog go and she just ran," the neighbor said.

But Bella's family doesn't buy it. 

"They had to actually unscrew the clip that was on there and take it off," Terri said.

If someone did take the dog, neighbors say they aren't surprised. 

"I think the dog is better off where she is now, where ever she is because he obviously didn't care about the dog, nor wanted to have her," a neighbor said.

"Unfortunately, there are people that take things into their own hands and will take an animal and it's illegal. They've violated the law, and unfortunately, I think it doesn't solve the issue because that person may go back and get another animal. They're going to start all over again," said Danielle Park with Warrick Animal Control. 

Animal control says a woman found a dog with a collar and tags, but doesn't want to return it because she doesn't like the way its coat looks. Officials say it's important to call animal control if you think an animal is being neglected, but taking matters into your own hands is illegal and can actually land you in more trouble. 

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