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It's school time, be sure to get those vaccinations

The first day of school is only a couple of days away for EVSC students. But do your kids have all the required vaccinations? 

There are some minor changes in vaccination requirements for EVSC students this year. Students are now required to have a second dose of the varicella vaccine, that's the chicken pox vaccine. 

This will affect children in grades three to five, who don't yet have a second dose. 

That's because it was already required for kindergarten through second grade and grades six through 12. 

School officials say if you haven't had time to do that yet, don't worry, schools will accept immunization documents all through the next couple of weeks of school, but they say make sure you schedule those appointments soon.

"There's a little bit of leaway there that we give. The state says that they have to be immunized before they start school, but we do try to make sure it happens as soon as possible. But if parents have appointments scheduled in the first couple of weeks of school, that's alright," EVSC's Marsha Jackson said. 

EVSC students head back to school on Wednesday. 

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