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Residents of Dixon voice concern about soccer field during Parks Board meeting

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There was a lot of finger pointing during a Parks Board meeting in Dixon on Sunday.

The issue began a week prior with an issue at the soccer field that ended up in the arrest of the Mayor's husband.

A Dixon soccer field at Baker Park is in need of repair, and Mayor Linda Frederick says she's working to fix it while community members argue she's only made things worse.

The conflict has been going on for days now.

Tuesday, families of the Webster County Youth Soccer League argued against a $250 field fee, they say, the city was trying to charge them.

Wednesday, a league member says she filed the soccer schedule with the city only to wake up on Thursday and find Mayor Linda Frederick's husband, Jimmy, tiling the soccer field.

Doing, what the Mayor says, work that needs to be done.

But community members say he tore up the field without getting approval from the Park Board or the City Commission, making it impossible for the league to use it anytime soon.

"It just made me feel like they were not going stop at nothing to show the people of Dixon that we control the town, we control the decisions," says Matthew Pratt.

"It's just a miscommunication, is all that it is," says Mayor Linda Frederick. "It is not an act of vengeance. We have redone Baker Park completely and the field does need a lot of work done to it."

On Sunday, the issue came to a head when the Dixon Park Board held a meeting.

Residents who spoke asked the Park Board to investigate and board members agreed to file a complaint with the sheriff.

"They satisfied us as a soccer league today, because they addressed all of our issues, answered all of our questions, and we gave them 110% of our support today," says Matthew.

Community members and the Mayor do seem to agree on at least one thing: this issue should be about the kids.

"Let's get the soccer field ready for the fall league," says Linda. "Let's get it in the very best shape it's ever been in and lets just give the kids a place to play soccer."

The Park Board tells 14 News they plan to bring the issue up at the city commission meeting on Monday.

The Mayor says no matter what, she will serve out her full term.

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