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Man travelling cross-country on horseback moves through the Tri-State

A man and his horse are following the trail originally set by Lewis and Clark from Indiana to Montana. On Sunday, they traveled from Boonville to Evansville. 

The Ride to Rescue Buck Creek is the name of this journey and Richard Mills says that it serves two purposes. They are to raise money for the Buck Creek Animal Rescue that he and his wife founded 28 years ago and to raise awareness about animal abuse.  

Mills and his horse, Willie, have had a few setbacks already, but Mills says that now they are rested and ready to keep going.

"You would not believe the kids, the people come out and they want to take pictures of him, us and everything. When they find out what we're doing, they go, 'Man, I wish I could do that you know. I wish I could just saddle up and go with you.' I said, 'Well come on," Mills said.

Mills started the journey on July 27. He hopes to reach his final destination in Montana in less than four months. 

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