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Man who lost animals in house fire overwhelmed by help

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After losing nearly 20 pets in a house fire on August 4, the home owners are getting some help they never expected to get.

Earlier in the week, the Evansville Building Commission flagged the Hills' home.

The notice said that the Hills would face a fine up to $400-$500 if the property was not cleaned up within the next 10 days.

Now, it looks like the Hills would be able to avoid such a fine all because family, friends, and even strangers have decided to pitch in and lend a helping hand.

On Saturday, Dennis Hill saw his house for the first time since the fire.

He says it was unexpected and that he was overwhelmed, but he was not talking about the damage.

He was talking about the people - volunteers from Animal Control and Another Chance for Animals, the same foster care agency that the Hills got all of their pets from.

Hill also says that family came in from out of town.

He doesn't understand it, but he says he is grateful for it.

"We just take one day at a time. This is the biggest step right here and for everybody to start showing up. Her dad is from out of town from Tennessee and he brought up a truck and trailer and three of four different people and my cousin is coming from Kentucky," says Dennis.

Hill says that he didn't sleep at all on Friday because he was up thinking about what was going to happen the next morning.

Hopefully now he will be able to rest easy.

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