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Anger rising over Webster County soccer field

No one will be playing soccer anytime soon at a Webster County, Kentucky park.

The Dixon City field was tiled Thursday morning.

The mayor says it's a routine maintenance, but the soccer families say it's something else.

Families of the Webster County Youth Soccer Association say the city intended to charge them a one time fee of $250 for field costs, but they spoke out against the fees at a Tuesday council meeting.

The next day, one of the soccer league members says she filed their soccer schedule with the city, and on Thursday morning the mayor's husband carved up the field.

"Very discouraging, where it's almost vindictive," says Matthew Pratt. "It's almost like, 'I'll show you' and she did show us, and now we're going have to show all those little kids out there that this is affecting, that this is what grown ups act like when they don't get their way."

Mayor Linda Frederick says the field needed to be tiled.

She says she didn't know the league filed their game schedules on Wednesday and that the work was done Thursday morning because that's when her husband, a volunteer, had time to do it.

Frederick says she hopes the field will be restored in time for the Soccer Youth Association's first game on September 4.

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