Can you help?

Dogs Rescued

It's being called one of the worst cases of animal abuse in Henderson County. Authorities rescue 27 severely ill dogs from a pole barn. The Human Society is asking for donations and volunteers to help with the dogs. We'll have more on that coming up at 6.


Folks in Missouri, Tennessee and Arkansas are dealing with major flooding right now. Hundreds have been evacuated and several water rescue operations have taken place in the last 24 hours. We'll have the latest at 5.

Weekend Forecast

Showers are coming down in Madisonville right now and more could be headed to the rest of the Tri-State later today. Byron will have details, plus your weekend forecast coming up on Sunrise.

Owensboro Traffic Alert

If you plan on heading to Henderson from Owensboro this morning, you could run into delays. One of the Audubon Parkway ramps is closed for rehab work. I'll have details at 5, and around 6:50 this morning.

We Have a Winner

One of the three winning ticket holders in the Powerball jackpot comes forward. Find out more about him around 5:30.

Looking forward to joining you this morning on Sunrise. Have a great weekend!