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90-year-old has paper route in southern Illinois


Imagine biking three miles a day, rain or shine. Now imagine doing that when you're 90-years-old.

There is one paperboy in southern Illinois who doesn't let anything stand in his way.

Every afternoon Marvin Teel of Christopher heads out on his daily route.

"I have about three miles to cover all over town," said Teel. "(It) takes about an hour and a half."

Rain sleet, snow, whatever, he gets the paper here. You can rely on Mr. Teel.

He is 90 years young, and you can bet this paperboy won't miss a beat.

"He's going to go as long as he can go," said Marilyn Teel. "He's 90 years old; you know he's going to go as long as he can go."

Mr. Teel says this route keeps him going.

"I don't know how much of my age I can attribute to bike riding but surely some of it," said Teel.

However, some days aren't as easy as others are.

He delivers more than just papers, also inspiration.

"Most people his age couldn't do that, what he's doing every day, every day."

However, Marvin Teel isn't your average 90 year old.

"I want to see if I can still do it for one thing, said Teel."It gives me a good feeling."

It is a feeling he passes on to everyone he meets.

Mr. Teel is not new to braving those routes. Before retiring, he spent 45 years delivering mail for the post office.

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