Up and at 'em

Welcome Back

Teachers and staff will welcome students at several western Kentucky schools this morning for their first day back. Nicole is live in Henderson at 5 and 6 as those buses get ready to head out to pick up the kiddos.

Fog and Storms

Byron says it could be a foggy commute for those school buses. We'll be keeping an eye on it throughout the morning on Sunrise. Thunderstorms will develop this afternoon.

Overnight Crash

Traffic is running smoothly again after a late night accident on Diamond Avenue in Evansville. Deputies say a motorcycle and minivan were involved in the crash. Details coming up at 5 and 6 on Sunrise.

Murder Charges

A Henderson teenager is now facing a murder charge in an accident back in June. Details coming up at 5:30 and 6:30.

Mesker Amphitheatre

There's a social media movement underway to revive Mesker Music Theatre in Evansville. We'll tell you about it around 6:13 on Sunrise.

Good luck to all the students, teachers and staff in schools heading back to class today!  Wishing you a wonderful school year!