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Among the status updates, an Evansville woman finds a miracle

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Ashley Collignon, Anna Adcock, Ellen Zeabart Ashley Collignon, Anna Adcock, Ellen Zeabart

A daughter's plea on Facebook is going to help save an Evansville woman's life.

With years left on a waiting list, Ellen Zeabart's daughter turned to Facebook looking for a donor and what happened next is nothing short of a miracle.

Anna Adcock set up the Facebook page for her mother, Ellen, who was diagnosed with polycistic kidney disease 30 years ago. She began dialysis around 2009, but what this family didn't know is that the gift of life was sitting right in Anna's friends list.

Cell phone video captured the day Ellen thought she'd never see.

"You just don't get a new kidney! You're getting a new kidney! How do you just get a new kidney? Ellen exclaimed in the video.

She may not have believed them at first, but those were the moments when Ellen learned that Ashley Collignon would donate a kidney to save her life.

"I asked her why are you doing this and she said, 'Because I would want someone doing this for my mother,'" Anna said. 

The road to this day began late last year when after some bleak news from doctors, Ellen's daughter Anna Adcock created the Facebook page asking for a living donor.

"They're pretty much saying, you have got to get a kidney. So I thought, 'What else can I do? It just clicked and I'm like, 'You know what? Facebook,'" Anna said. 

Then came the miracle.

"I was just scrolling through the newsfeed and happened to come across it and I started reading," Ashley said.  

Mixed in between the baby pictures and status updates, Ashley found Anna's page for her mom and Ashley knew she wanted to help. 

"It makes me happy to know that she'll be here to help Anna with Hunter. That he'll have his Mimi here and she'll have her mom," Ashley said.  

For months, Ashley made trips to Louisville and to St. Mary's for testing. All the while, Ellen was at home and she didn't know a thing.  

Then finally, word came that Ashley is a perfect match.

"She is giving me a gift that nobody could ever give anybody," Ellen said. "There's no words I could ever to say to tell her how grateful I am. 

 Ellen's surgery could come in the next three to four weeks at Jewish Hospital in Louisville.

All three say they want to get the word out about living donors, hoping more people will come forward to help others in need.

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