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Prosecutor: Boze threatened to kill a child if his wife continued with divorce

Marvin Boze. Source: Gibson County Sheriff Marvin Boze. Source: Gibson County Sheriff

47-year-old Marvin Boze appeared in a Princeton courtroom on Monday morning to find out what he charges he'll face in the abduction of five children, and the resulting run from police.

On Friday afternoon, he was taken into custody in Fort Branch after a 12-hour manhunt.

A security officer found Boze with the five children near the Duke Energy Plant, Thursday night. 

He said two of the older children, ages seven and ten, were duct taped and had their hands and feet bound together and were outside the truck.

The younger children were inside.

Boze ran off from that scene, and over the next few hours he allegedly stole at least one vehicle in his attempt to escape from the area.

A prosecutor said that a letter was found in one of those stolen cars that was addressed to Boze's wife.

It apparently says if she divorces him, then he'll kill one of the kids.

Right now Boze is charged with one count of criminal confinement and two counts of auto theft.

We're told that prosecutors may still add more to those charges.

Boze will next be in court on August 22nd.

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