Motorcycle club helps send students back to school with supplies

MADISONVILLE, KY (WFIE) - A motorcycle club in Madisonville is doing what it can to help prepare children as they go back to school.

The Dixie Flyers held a back pack run last weekend, where admission for the ride was one backpack full of school supplies. They gathered over 375 backpacks, and on Sunday, they met at a local grocery store and passed then out to needy kids.

"Well, we're a close brotherhood. We enjoy our motorcycles and having our fun, but we try to keep in mind that we want to be a positive influence in the community. We try to do anything we can to help some children that need some help," Dixie Flyer Ditch said.

The Dixie Flyers have been doing this for several years. They say this is the largest number of backpacks they have ever collected.

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