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Your Week in Viral Videos: Daddies gone wild

(Source: Ryan Hunley/YouTube) (Source: Ryan Hunley/YouTube)

(RNN) - I was trying to think of something clever to introduce a little girl who found the only acceptable way to sass her father.

It didn't work, so we'll keep this simple.

Watch the video of a kid who is too big for her britches and too smart for her age.

You got served

This is a conversation after a man catches his son working on his dance moves and then thoroughly humbles the young lad with his skills:

Dad: "You didn't know I was a B-boy in the '80s?"

Son: "What's a B-boy?"

Dad: "You're grounded. Turn that stupid music off."

Swim before you walk

This is the portion of the show where we feature cute puppies, ladies and gentlemen.

And this is not just any other cute puppy. It's one that has overcome insurmountable odds and triumphed.

Prepare for a hit in the "feels" in 3… 2… 1…

Vertical Video Syndrome

Just in case you didn't know, most people who watch videos on the internet on a regular basis hate it when people upload vertical videos.

If you don't know what a vertical video is, (A) you should read this column more and (B) you're about to receive an education engrossed in laughter.

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