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Police trying to figure out why Princeton man abducted children


The man accused of kidnapping five children in Gibson County is now in custody.

Authorities say 47-year-old Marvin Boze took off Thursday night after a Duke Energy Security Guard found the children, two of which were bound by duct tape and rope. The other three were inside a truck.

After several hours on the run, authorities say Boze was arrested Thursday afternoon in Fort Branch.

Prosecutors have filed charges of Criminal Confinement and two counts of Automobile Theft against Boze.

Police tell 14 News they found ransom notes inside one of the vehicles and that Boze was going through a divorce.

Police also say that five kids were being watched by a 15-year-old at their home. Late Thursday night, Boze picked up the kids in his truck and for whatever reason took them to a wooded area near Duke Energy.

A security guard found two of the kids tired up, and then three others in Boze's truck.

Police say there's no telling what would have happened if the security guard didn't come along when he did.

"The good thing about it is, the quick action by Duke Security, that they are able to get out there and found those children," says Chief of Princeton Police, W. W. George.

After that, police say Boze took a stolen truck to the Marathon Gas Station on the west end of Princeton.

Boze then drove his work semi truck, which was parked near Wal-Mart, to the Palestine, Illinois area and stole a Jeep. He wound up back in Fort Branch on Friday afternoon.

Police say the security guard who found the kids is Zach Smith and the company he works for would not allow him to be interviewed, but a woman close to Zach says she's not surprised that the Iraq War Veteran jumped into action.

"He doesn't think of himself," says Sara Smith. "That comes from his war training. You don't think of yourself, you think of others. That's just who he is."

Police say they aren't sure why Boze took those kids, but they say some of them are his step kids and an officer was told that his wife planned for file for divorce.

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