Downtown Henderson to install antique street lamps

Changes are coming to Downtown Henderson.

The city is improving Second Street, prepping it to become the entryway into the city off Interstate 69, but is that interstate connection a sure thing?

The entire stretch of Second Street, starting at the overpass down through to Green Street, will be getting improvements over the next three years.

One of the first things you will see change is antique street lamps will go up in three stages, costing a total of $700,000 .

The City Manager tells 14 News the first 22 will go up this fiscal year.

It's all in an effort to spruce up what city officials call the Gateway Zone, meaning Second Street.

The mayor tells us nothing is set in stone, but all the indications they have tell them that I-69 will be exiting off of Zion Road, which would make Second Street the new entryway into the city.

"What if it doesn't? It's still a nice street, it's still a beautiful street, it's still used by a lot of our citizens. And if we can make streetscape improvements on that street, there's still nothing lost," says Mayor Austin.

The city is also working on special zoning to encourage development downtown.

"There will be some standards that will be recommended where property owners if they do a substantial amount of work on their building they will have to make it attractive on the front and on the sides, " says City Manager Russell Sights.

He says the first set of street lamps will go in sometime on the spring.

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