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EPD and lawmakers petitioning for stricter scooter laws in Indiana

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An online petition drive is the latest push to have stricter scooter laws in Indiana.

Right now, scooter drivers who use the Lloyd and many Indiana roads don't have to have insurance or even a license, but a petition drive could help change that.

You can sign the petition on change.org, or at a few upcoming events.

The petition is in support of a bill, sponsored by lawmakers and police in Evansville.

Their goal is to get laws to better regulate scooters by requiring insurance, a driver's license, and registrations.

EPD Sgt. Jason Cullum says scooters cause real problems and the number of wrecks in the city have skyrocketed in the past five years.

In 2008, there were nine wrecks involving scooters, and the number jumped up to 99 in 2012.

He says thefts are way up as well.

Cullum says without the proper laws, it's a "free-for-all."

"The laws that are on the books now do not really give us an opportunity to address the safety concerns that the current scooters are presenting," says Cullum. "It's just been assumed that it's an Evansville only problem. I think there's that perception, however, that's not really the case. The petition will confirm, hopefully, the interest locally in seeing some laws updated that will provide more safety on the streets."

The push is gaining momentum with St. Mary's joining in and saying they have seen an increase in the number of ER visits for scooter related injuries.

To sign the petition online, click here.

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