Indiana Governor wants 2012 school grades to be reviewed

Indiana Governor Mike Pence is calling for a review of the state's school grading system after reports about Tony Bennett.

The Indiana grading system determines, among other things, state funding, and which schools are taken over by the Department of Education.

State Representative, Gail Riecken says she joins Governor Pence and Superintendent, Glenda Ritz in calling for a review on Thursday.

According to DOE records, of 35 EVSC schools, 15 received an 'F' in 2012, while four received an 'A.'

In Warrick County, 10 of 16 schools received an 'A,' the rest are 'B' and 'C.'

Many want to know if those grades accurately depict each school's performance.

Gail Riecken says every grading system needs to have accountability and this is not the only system that should be considered.

"There's enough confusion about it and enough concern about it that we need to allow Superintendent Glenda Ritz to review other methods that may make more sense for school systems," says Riecken.

Schools will receive their preliminary letter grades for the past school year in September.

They can choose to appeal those grades.

Ritz says her department is examining the calculations so the grades are accurate.

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