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Hopkins Co. search team speaks out after remains identified as missing man

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The long search for a Hopkins County man is over. 

The sheriff's office has confirmed the bones found outside Madisonville are the remains of 42-year-old Bo Hale.

Investigators say recent rains unearthed several bones, including a jaw bone which was used to confirm dental records.  

For three years, volunteer search parties looked for any sign of Bo, calling in help from the Jodi Powers Search Team.

"With a family that has a loved one missing, the hardest time is the waiting. Waiting and not knowing where their at, what happened, if there still alive. You have to have the little bit of hope," said Belinda Powers. 

The Jodi Powers Search and Rescue Team was there in the crucial days after Bo Hale went missing nearly three years ago.

Even though remains found near Madisonville were confirmed to be that of Hale's, the Jodi Powers Team isn't leaving the family, they are just beginning a new chapter alongside them.

"But that's why I do this, that's why we do the search team because no family should have to go through any of this. It's heartless," Belinda said.

Director Joel Brinkley now lives with anger that Hale was in their search area all along.

"My expectations are probably a lot higher than they should be, so yes, I've done some beating myself up." Brinkley said.

The Jodi Powers Team relayed a message through 14 News cameras to the family of Bo Hale.

"We love all you guys and we know kind what your going through. We're always going to be here. No matter what. You're a part of this search team and always will be," Brinkley said.

The recovery efforts now turn to finding answers. Hopkins County Sheriff's detectives aren't stopping until Bo Hale's family has answers.  

Now that investigators know the bones belong to Hale, they can turn their attention to figuring out  how he died.


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