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Family of man arrested in Posey Co. stabbing speaks out

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Derrick Armstead. Derrick Armstead.

The family of the man arrested for stabbing two men in Posey County says there's more to what happened than authorities are telling. 

41-year old Derrick Armstead is accused of stabbing Larry Bradshaw and his son, Chris, after an incident last night at the Twin Lakes Mobile Home Park.

Authorities say, during a fight, gasoline was poured on Armstead. Now, Armstead's fiancé says both Bradshaws should also be facing charges. 

The family of Derrick Armstead says he's in jail Tuesday night, facing charges all because he was trying to protect his family.

"You all the one who came on our property. What was we supposed to do?" Armstead's fiancé Deneca Jackson said.

Jackson says she wants to set the record straight about what really happened. She says it started with her being accused of speeding through her neighborhood and ended with Larry Bradshaw driving his truck onto her property.

"They never stated that he got out of his truck, rushed out of his truck, came to the back of his truck, got two metal weapons. Came on the property, cussing, everything at us, threatening us with the weapons in his hand," Jackson said.

Jackson says Bradshaw then started fighting with Armstead. Moments later, she says, Bradshaw's son, Chris, joined in. It was during that squabble that Jackson says Bradshaw reached for a much deadlier weapon.

"Picked up the gasoline can that was in the back of his truck, okay? Picked it up, poured it on him, on Derrick, as they're fighting," Jackson said.

Armstead's brother says there's only one thing the Bradshaws could have been trying to do.

"That means that you trying to burn me. All I need is a match or a lighter, now I'm going to burn you," Armstead's brother Courtney Armstead said.

Armstead's family says, at that point, Derrick had no choice but to fight back.

"You're in a defensive mode. You going to want to defend yourself and your family," Courtney said.

To make matters worse, Jackson says, paramedics treated the Bradshaws for their injuries, but didn't help Armstead.

"Derrick had the gas all on him, told the officer that his skin was burning. They did not treat that. Why did they not take him to the hospital for that? We had to go in the house, get wet rags, me and my kids, to put soap on it," Jackson said.

The family also says authorities allowed some key evidence to be taken away from the crime scene when an apparent friend of the Bradshaw family showed up to remove Bradshaw's truck.

"I asked the officer as dude got in the truck, why is he pulling off in the truck? That's the truck that he came in. The gasoline can that he had was under the truck," Jackson said.

The family says if the Bradshaws had a problem with Armstead, they should have called 911 instead of trying to take matters into their own hands. That's why they hope authorities will charge the Bradshaws once they're released from the hospital.  

In the meantime, Jackson says she's staying with friends because she's too scared to go back to her home.

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