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Scooter-related injuries on the rise

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While Evansville Police push for tougher laws for scooters, another group is taking note. Hospital staff at St. Mary's. say they've also noticed the growing problem. 

While most drivers need insurance to hit the road, scooters are exempt from a lot of state laws. Some don't require insurance or even a driver's license.

Evansville Police have seen an increase in scooter accidents and St. Mary's has noticed a growing number of patients being treated for these injuries.

Stephen Lanzarotti, a medical trauma director, says it's picked up over the last few years and often times the injuries are serious. Lanzarotti attributes a lot of it to a lack of education. He says of those patients that come in with injuries, many are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

"I see quite a few patients that are driving under the influence on scooters with very little protection against the environments in which they're riding in," said Lanzarotti. "That's what's frustrating to me. It's something that would make sense that if you're going to be riding on an open vehicle, like a motorcycle or a scooter, that you protect yourself," he said.

Right now an injury prevention group at St. Mary's is brainstorming ways to curb this new trend. When they're finished, they'll present their ideas to state legislators. 

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