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Convicted killer accused of stabbing two Posey Co. men


A man who authorities say spent time in prison after killing someone, is now accused of stabbing two men in the chest Monday night in Posey County.

Authorities say 41-year-old Derrick Armstead was convicted in 1992 of voluntary manslaughter, and spent several years in prison. Now Posey County authorities say he's claiming self defense after two new charges of battery with a deadly weapon.

14 News caught up with eyewitnesses to the stabbing. 

"There was a vehicle speeding through here and we have kids out," said Mary Colack.

Colack says her daughters were playing outside when a car driven by Derrick Armstead and a woman sped through.

"It was going around 40 and it's only 10 miles an hour here," said Colack. That's when one of Colack's neighbors came out. "Just told them to slow down," she said.

The Posey County Sheriff's Office tells us, Armstead and his fiance left without confrontation, but a little while later, they say Armstead came back, and ran into neighbor Larry Bradshaw.

The sheriff's office says Armstead stabbed Bradshaw.

"His son saw his dad in trouble, ran down there and he got stabbed," said Colack. "His dad was stabbed 4 times. Once on his chest and then just on different parts of his middle anatomy," she said. "And then Chris was stabbed here and on his chest."

The sheriff's office says both Larry Bradshaw and his son, Chris, were taken to Deaconess.

Meanwhile, according to neighbors the whole thing could have been avoided.

"It was very heated so I'm just guessing they had a bad day and it just came out," said Colack. "This is a very kid friendly park. They should be able to play with out getting run over by a speeding car," she said. "They should not be seeing fights like that."

Larry Bradshaw has been upgraded from critical to serious condition. His son Chris is in fair condition.

Authorities say Armstead claims the victims poured gasoline on him and he was acting in self defense.

Records show Armstead has a long arrest history. In 2011, he was charged with sexual battery after a woman was attacked in Downtown Evansville

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