Annual event encourages fathers to take children to school

On August 14, Evansville will join more than 800 cities across the country for the Million Father March 2013.

The annual event, sponsored by The Black Star Project and the Evansville Commission on the Social Status of African-American Males, encourages fathers to take their children to school on the first day of classes.

Organizers of the Million Father March believe when a father takes his child to school, he provides an escort of safety, support, and encouragement to the child that will translate into better grades, higher scores, and a greater appreciation for education.

"I see this as a first step for many fathers and father figures to be brought into the fold as it relates to advancing a community-based approach to improving educational outcomes for our children," says David Wagner, chairman of the Evansville Commission on the Social Status of African-American Males.

Phillip Jackson, executive director of The Black Star Project, U.S.A., says a father's involvement in his child's education is one of the best ways to improve academic performance. "Gang recruitment, bullying and random violence goes way down on any day that a group of men are at a school," Jackson says.

An estimated 1.1 million men will participate in the project nation-wide.

Local businesses are asked to give fathers two hours off, with pay, to take their children to school.

For more information about the Million Father March 2013, send an email to or call 812-436-4927.

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