Mark Garvin (L)

Mark Garvin (L)

Seeking: 8th District Congress, IN

Born: November 30, 1976

Birthplace: Kokomo, IN

Mark Garvin was born in Kokomo, IN on November 30, 1976. His family moved to Newburgh, IN in 1978. Raised in public schools, he graduated from Castle High in 1995. Garvin then went on to Harding University for a year, on a debate scholarship, before transferring to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. A political science major, he continued his debate competitions, placing as high as third in a National Championship tournament.

Garvin currently works with Allstate Insurance Co. as a Financial Representative. In addition, he bartends part-time at the Fox and Hound. He currently resides in downtown Evansville, with a beautiful view of the Ohio River. This is his first political campaign.

Garvin on the Issues:

  • President Bush’s decision to liberate Iraq was just.
  • The freedom of the people of Iraq will serve as a model for the Middle Eastern Region.
  • The anti-terrorism actions are reasonable and are aiding the US in the war on terror. The War on Terror is just and must be won.
  • Free trade is good for everyone.
  • Education must be addressed and funded properly.
  • Amending the Constitution in an attempt to take away rights is bad in every case. Preventing courts from deciding the constitutionality of a law is wrong.
  • The government is too large and should be streamlined. The streamlining of the government will reduce the deficit, which is an honorable goal.
  • Taxes must not be raised.