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EXCLUSIVE: Documents show issues at Evansville EMA before resignations

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Former EMA Deputy Director Adam Groupe Former EMA Deputy Director Adam Groupe
Former EMA Director Sherman Greer Former EMA Director Sherman Greer

There's been more fallout Wednesday night in the controversy surrounding the Vanderburgh County Emergency Management Agency. 
Both the director and deputy director were asked to resign by Mayor Lloyd Winnecke. Now, 14 News has new information showing there were personnel issues at the local EMA long before the resignations.

It really sheds some light on what was going on in that office for several years. 14 News obtained a memo from then director, Sherman Greer, to then deputy director, Adam Groupe. In that memo, Greer states he has "no confidence in Groupe's" job performance.

Through the Freedom of Information Act, 14 News obtained the contents of Groupe's personnel file. Included in it is the memo, dated November of 2007, in which Greer outlines 26 issues he had with his deputy director.  

Greer writes those issues "have been discussed countless times over the period of several years and in a number of instances documented as a written reprimand." 

Among the issues listed, repeatedly disclosing confidential information to unauthorized persons. Greer writes "Information was given out several times just to test him. It always came back to the director with additional information to embellished."  The occurrences, Greer writes, "have been too numerous to count." 

Another issue Greer listed is equipment, writing that Groupe is "very hard on equipment" in and outside of the office. He even writes the Groupe has trashed city vehicles when using them.  

In summary, Greer writes, that Groupe's "unsatisfactory behavior has been going on from the very beginning." 

Greer states that Groupe's actions have "for many years been detrimental to the operations of the department and the reputation of the department. It has reached the point of not being able to continue any longer with Mr. Groupe as the deputy director of the EMA." 

Greer ends with, "As director, I have no confidence in Mr. Groupe and I have no assurance that the city or county is in good hands when I am out of town."  

Despite those strong concerns, Groupe was kept on as deputy director for five more years. Just Wednesday, Greer spoke to the media for the first time since both he and Groupe were asked to resign.

"I think there's more to it that they're investigating and threatening. Not me, but Adam and there could be charges brought against him. For the life of me, I can't figure out for what," Greer said.

Mayor Winnecke said Groupe was asked to resign in part to do his failure to properly 'bid out' equipment.  

14 News tried contacting both Greer and Groupe, but were unable to reach them for comment.

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