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Couple says 'I Do' as groom battles terminal cancer

Methodist Hospital in Henderson was the backdrop for a wedding Wednesday night. It was a very special wedding because the groom is battling terminal cancer.

Family, friends, and anyone who wanted to share the special moment gathered for the wedding of Todd and Kayla Satterfield.

"It's something that was planned for October," Groomsman Joey Davenport said.

Joey says Todd's diagnosis of esophageal cancer came more than two years ago. But after a series of recent setbacks, Todd moved into the Lucy King Hospice Center at Methodist Hospital last week.  

The decision was made Sunday to hold a wedding Wednesday night.

So the invitations went out. Not by mail, but social media, asking people to come as they are.  

More than 100 were present and there was not a dry eye in the place. All witnessing what friends called the marriage of an extraordinary couple going through an extraordinarily difficult time.

Friends say Todd had surgery at Vanderbilt to remove the cancer, but it has come back. Even though he's moved into the hospice center, he hasn't given up hope.

Esophageal cancer usually affects men over the age of 60.  Todd is 33.

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