Local students take part in back to school spree

The Salvation Army of Evansville has teamed up with Target for the third year in a row to put on the Target School Spree, and 25 local students were selected to take part in the event.

It was a quite a day for them. Each child got a gift card and used it to buy whatever they needed to start the new school year.

"I'm shopping for clothes that's for free," 6th grader Hailey Stevens told 14 News.

6th grader Julian Sejuala said he got, "Shirts, pants, underwear, socks."

So many things Julian couldn't keep track. When 14 News asked him to show off his shoes, he asked "All of them?"

He ended up getting four pairs of shoes.

Hailey got a pair, too.

"They are purple and they are gray. They are shiny."

She also got two new outfits.

"I have a pink shirt, so it will pop out with the outfit," Hailey said.

Where does she get her fashion sense? She said, "I get it from my mom."

None of the parents shopped with the kids, but they did watch from a distance.

"They love shopping one on one, so they don't have to go together. They just thought it was so cool because they get all of their school clothes, so it is getting them excited for school," said Jordan DeMoss, a mother of four.

The kids felt the excitement, too.

"This is an awesome day," Hailey said.

All in all, Target gave out a total of $960,000 worth of gift cards to the Salavation Army. Those gift cards made a lot of kids really happy.

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