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Honoring veterans a priority for Daviess Co. deputies

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Honoring veterans has always been a priority at the Daviess County Sheriff's Office. For many deputies and staff, it's a mission that hits close to home.  

The sheriff's office says that its newest deputy is a former Marine, just like several others within the organization.

"We've found out that someone who has served their country honorably is normally going to serve their community with the same honor," Sergeant Kent Taul said.  

Sergeant Taul is a retired soldier from the U.S. Army Reserve and knows firsthand how those two worlds reflect each other.

"I think the cultures are similar between the military and law enforcement. First of all, I believe that law enforcement is sort of a para-military organization," Sgt. Taul said.  

The sheriff's office says that about a third of its sworn officers have military backgrounds. 

It's not a requirement, but Sheriff Keith Cain says that the office benefits from members who have served their country.

"These individuals understand service. They understand commitment. They understand sacrifice. They understand service before self," Sheriff Cain said.

He believes that service instills those values. 

"They've served their country once in one uniform, and they're now serving again in the brown uniform of the Daviess County Sheriff's Office," Sheriff Cain said.

By playing a big role in events like the Honor Flight for World War II veterans, the office says it's the least it can do, especially for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

"For us to not recognize that would be criminal," Sheriff Cain said.

"We literally want to do everything we can for veterans," Sgt. Taul said.

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