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Homeowner picking up pieces after tree crashes through house

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An Evansville homeowner is picking up the pieces Wednesday night after part of a tree crashed through his house. 

Under a big blue tarp at a home near Bosse High School are big gaping holes. The homeowner calls it a shock, an incident that could have ended much worse.

"There's three nice holes in the roof. Two bedrooms basically are what got damaged," homeowner Eric Winiger said.  

When Winiger got home Saturday night, he wasn't expecting part of a neighbor's tree to be on top of his Taylor Avenue home.

"They flagged me down, asked me if I'd heard what happened. They tell me a 70 foot tree fell on my house, my truck and my garage," Winiger said.

Pictures show the limb on top of his truck and branches breaking through not one, but two bedroom ceilings.

The only one home at the time was Winiger's dog.

"I was in shock. I came home and made sure my dog, she was in the house still, made sure she was alright," Winiger said.  

Winiger says the root of the problem is a rotten tree that had begun to split. Neighbors say they heard the loud crash and ran outside.

"I heard a loud noise and it went, 'boom' and I freaked out. I was very scared," neighbor Barbara Tyler said. 

On Wednesday, electricians, contractors, and repair specialists are working to get Winiger back home again soon. He says insurance will cover much of the cost and he's happy to be able to tell his story.

"It took a while for me to get out of shock but it is what it is, you know. No one got hurt. Thank God," Winiger said.  

Workers still have a lot of work to do. The home is going to need a new roof, new walls, new everything. Winiger is hoping he can move home sometime in the next week or so.

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