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Local man walking across America spotted in the Tri-State

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A man was spotted along Highway 41 Wednesday in an orange shirt pushing a large cart down the side of the roadway, and he's on a mission. 

The guy is Mark Stutsman and he says he's walking in support of members of our military and in support of the child sexual abuse prevention program, Darkness to Light.

Stutsman is from Evansville and says he's been wanting to walk across the country ever since he was a kid. After struggling with new-found emotions, involving sexual abuse he suffered as a child, he feels now is as good of a time as any to make his journey.

Stutsman says his goal is to walk from Evansville to California, fly or bus to Ocean City, Maryland, and walk back to Evansville from there, with just the bare essentials in his cart and backpack.

While he's travelling, Stutsman will be documenting what he experiences along the way on his website. Stutsman says he feels his journey will be therapeutic.

"That's what's affected me most right now, is that whole situation. Me being 6-years-old and going through that ordeal. People say, 'Wow. It's been 20 something years and you haven't said anything to anybody,'" Stutsman said. "I can't explain it. I can't explain it, but it's a rough thing. I don't wish it on anybody. That's a big reason why I'm doing this, is because of that."

On Mark's website, you can either donate to the Darkness to Light program or you can donate money to Mark himself, so he can buy food and supplies along the way. 

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