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Man pleads guilty, sentenced to life in prison for 2011 stabbing death of cab driver

Camyron Johnson Camyron Johnson

A man accused of killing a Hickory cab driver in 2011 pled guilty to first degree murder and apologized to the family of the victim Wednesday morning.

Camyron Johnson, 22, was charged with first degree murder in the death of 32-year-old cab driver Adam Williams.

The judge sentenced Johnson to life without parole.

Johnson said he did not actually do the killing, but that co-defendant Matthew Hopkins did.

Police say Johnson lured Williams to the parking lot of a closed Fuddrucker's Restaurant where he attacked and murdered him.

Prosecutors claimed that the robbery was planned and the motive was to get money to buy materials to make methamphetamine.

Williams tried to get to the Longhorn Steakhouse on Highway 70 after he was stabbed by Johnson.

Employees found him outside the restaurant. Paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he later died.

In court Wednesday, Johnson told the family of the cab driver he was sorry for what happened and asked for their forgiveness. The victim's mother said right now, she can't.

"We are not through this yet,"she said.

Before Johnson was sentenced, the cab driver's sister, Stephanie Patrick,  had a chance to address Johnson directly.

"You are so pathetic," she said, staring right into his eyes just a few feet away. "You are a cold blooded killer."

One thing she wanted to know, she told Johnson, was why they killed her brother for just 35 dollars. "We deserve to know why," she said.

As Patrick was led back to her seat after the statement, she turned one more time towards Johnson and said "I hate you." 

Johnson is the fourth person to plead in the case.

Three others, including two teenaged girls, pled guilty to being accessories and are now serving prison time.

The final defendant, Matthew Hopkins, has an administrative court hearing set for the first week of September. No trial date has been set. The family of the murder victim says they will be there when Hopkins goes to court.

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