Convicted killer Christopher Bell speaks out to 14 News

Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell

Convicted killer Christopher Bell speaks out on Tuesday night about the shooting death of Cedric Watt.

"Everybody know I didn't intentionally, knowingly or intentionally kill anybody. I didn't plan a robbery with anybody," Bell told 14 News.

Christopher Bell was convicted in May of Cedric Watt's murder.

Ted Mueller Jr. was convicted and sentenced back in April for the murder of Watt. He is serving 65 years in prison.

Bell did not testify during his trial, but on Tuesday, he had a lot to say.

"Why should I serve murder. I didn't kill anybody and I didn't plan any robbery. I'm pretty sure if you talk to him, he'd tell you the same thing, that there wasn't no planned robbery. He was high and he shot him," Bell said.

Bell says Ted Mueller pulled the trigger, shooting and killing Watt on September 22, 2012. Bell took 14 News back to that night and he says Watt initiated the meeting.

"He called TJ and asked TJ can someone come pick him up. He'd give them a bag of weed. I thought we was getting a bag of weed," Bell said.

Prosecutor's say Bell told Mueller to shoot Watt and Mueller did.

"I was scared. An individual just got shot with a gun. Who's to say he wasn't going to kill us, too," Bell said.

Bell says Angie Mueller, the mother of his two children testified against him and her brother, Ted Mueller Jr. because she was scared. He also says her testimony sealed his fate.

"She was scared to lose her family. The thought of what her family would think letting me go and didn't let her brother go, so she said some things that wasn't true. If she would have told the right statement, I wouldn't be sitting here," Bell told 14 News.

Bell says the last time he spoke to Ted was back in April, just after he was sentenced.

"What he told me, he didn't give a **** if we both go to prison or not. He told me he loved me and he's sorry for what happened. I told him I love him, we can't change what you did," Bell said.

Even from behind bars, Bell is trying to send his children down the right path. He says last month, they were able to talk.

"Don't do the things that you see your uncles and your daddy doing because it's going to bring you right here to this place that I'm at right now," Bell said.

And to the family of Cedric Watt, "I'm sorry. I didn't have anything, I didn't know that he was going to get shot. If I knew, I wouldn't have even been in that situation," Bell said.

Bell's sentencing was supposed to take place on Wednesday afternoon, but after a verbal argument with the judge, the it has been delayed.

According to the prosecutor's office, officials held Bell in contempt of court for getting in an argument with the judge. Officials say Bell's defense attorney also asked for a delay because they ordered a psych evaluation on Bell and the results are not back yet.  

The sentencing is reset in 90 days. He is facing between 65 and 95 years. He told us he expects to receive the maximum 95 years.

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