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Residents react to possible cut of door-to-door mail delivery

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The postal service is still looking for ways to cut the budget, and one possibility would affect almost all of us. 

The post office may end door to door delivery. Which raises the question- how would we get our mail?

It's part of a Republican proposal to redesign the US Postal System. Under the bill, mail would no longer come right to people's homes. 

Instead, residents would have to travel to get their mail. Those 14 News spoke with want to keep their mailboxes right where they are. 

"Never having door-to-door delivery? That just would not cut it," Evansville resident Traci Seyler said.

Seyler has been getting her mail from right outside her front door ever since she can remember. She says taking that away would do more harm than good, especially for the elderly. 

"The population is actually getting older, so you're going to have more and more people who just aren't able to get to their mailbox, and depend on that," Seyler said.

If the bill passes, the post office would move all mailboxes curbside like those you'd find in an apartment complex. 

Delbert Houghton, the local president of the American Postal Workers Union believes safety is an issue. 

"What if you got an box in a bad neighborhood or a bad area? What about the health and safety of the public? We've always been a service agency, not a profit agency," Houghton said.

The postal service is considering ending door-to-door to save money, cutting the service would save about $4 billion a year. 

But some local residents say it's still not worth it. 

"It'd be terrible, terrible. That's what I'm saying, terrible. Right now I can drive, but some people that don't drive, disabled or old enough. There isn't no way they're going to get their mail. How do they expect people's going to go get it?" asked Thomas Hampton, a retired Evansville resident. 

House Republicans haven't indicated whether there'd be special circumstances for those unable to get to their mailbox.

Postal service officials say they're considering everything when it comes to saving money.

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