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Former EMA director speaks out after being asked to resign

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Former longtime EMA Director Sherman Greer fired back at the mayor Tuesday afternoon. 

In front of the Civic Center, Greer reacted to his recent resignation and what Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke said about the operation of the EMA. 

Greer said he wanted to clear up a lot of the rumors that have been going around the past few days. Greer, along with his wife, spoke to the media late Tuesday afternoon.  

Both Greer and his deputy director, Adam Groupe, were asked to resign by Mayor Winnecke.  

Greer even alluded to the fact that he was told charges could be brought against Groupe for reasons, Greer said, he can't understand.  

Greer said his office was accused of purchasing a vehicle in a way that was against city policy, and Greer said it was done by the book.

14 News also asked Greer about the allegation that one of his employees got $18,000 in overtime that the Mayor says was unjustified. Greer said that was his mistake.

"Every time we had problems with putting that into the system, we had that keeps our time, we would call over to administrative services and they would tell us how to do it. So, wouldn't you think they would say, 'Sherman, you've got an employee that's got a whole lot of overtime there?' But, there again, it's my fault and it's responsibility," Greer said.

Greer said he believes he should have been suspended for two weeks, but says he will not fight his termination.  

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