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Boat inspections made easier for Evansville boaters

Safety inspections were made a little more convenient on Saturday for some boaters using the Dogtown boat ramp.

The Evansville Bend Sail and Power Squadron set up camp at the ramp on Saturday. If they do the inspection and give boaters a sticker, then those boaters won't have to undergo an inspection by the coast guard on the water.

The inspection includes checking equipment, life jackets, and registration.

"I think most people have enough common sense, they know what should be safe and what shouldn't be," says Greg Clodfelter. "However, I think sometimes they take chances they shouldn't and especially on the river, you have to respect it and you have to be safe, you can't take anything for granted."

Greg says the biggest safety concerns he sees on the water are people disregarding boating etiquette, like obeying the 'no wake zones,' and being mindful of others using the public boat ramps.

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