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Personalized license plates no longer available

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The Indiana BMV is suspending its personalized license plate program, pending the outcome of a recently filed class-action lawsuit.

Personalized plates are admittedly not something the everyday driver is concerned about, but the fact remains, if you want a personalized plate, the next time you comes into the BMV to ask for you, your request will be denied.

The BMV made the announcement on Friday evening. In a release, the Indiana BMV says the program has recently come under scrutiny due to a class-action lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of some aspects of the program. The BMV says in order to protect Hoosier taxpayers from the lawsuit's expenses, they will suspend the program until further notice.

On Friday, a couple of Evansville residents weighed-in on the subject.

"I've never personally had a vanity plate or been able to afford a vanity plate," says Tiffany Oldham. "I do good to afford the license plates that I have currently, but if people are willing to have those and that's revenue for the state, I have seen absolutely no reason why they wouldn't accept any kind of revenue they could get to put into some type of program."

"We pay our taxes and everything and that. We already have enough control going on," says Steven Nail. "They're already doing 3% cutbacks and pay cuts, and we're already having too much...we're already being told what we can do and what we can't do."

If you already have a personalized plate, the BMV says they have no problem renewing that. So, this only applies to new vanity plates.

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