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EPD calls for tougher scooter laws

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Evansville police are pushing for more stringent scooter laws. 

On Wednesday morning, a driver was sent to the hospital after his scooter was hit from behind at Newburgh Road and Lincoln Avenue.  Early in the afternoon, a second accident involving a scooter occurred near the intersection of South Eickhoff Road and Wolf Creek Drive.  The scooter damaged a car when it rear ended it.   

The Evansville Police Department says the current law for "motorized bicycles" or scooters needs to be revised. 

If you want to ride a scooter right now, you only need to meet two qualifications.  You must be at least 15 years of age and you must possess a valid form of identification.  Consequently, many scooter drivers operate the scooters without having a driver's license.

Police say some drivers are driving over the legal speed limit for scooters, which is 25 miles per hour, and most of them are driving without insurance. 

"If you need your scooter to get to and from work, have at it," says EPD Sergeant Jason Cullum.  "But if you get into an accident and you caused it, the people that you hit should have the same remedy to get that stuff taken care of as if they had been hit by a car or a truck or something else that does require insurance."

EPD Detective Karin Montgomery is calling for these scooters to be treated like motorcycles.  She wants them to meet the same qualifications. 

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