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Planning for an emergency

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When a disaster or another severe situation happens, quick thinking and planning is crucial, but what if you or another family member needs a little extra help?

When Billy Shain and his wife adopted two boys with brain damage caused by fetal alcohol syndrome, their lives changed forever.

He tries to be prepared for different situations.

"I have a lot of things now that I have stored in a cabinet that sort of helps me be prepared for different things," said Shain.

After meeting with some emergency management officials at a special needs awareness fair last year, Shain says his eyes were opened to many things.

"I didn't know a lot," he said. "One of the things was I didn't know that all shelters had to be curtailed certain ways to special needs."

He says that includes being handicap accessible.

Emergency officials realize that it's not always easy for people with disabilities or their caregivers.

"Usually, the goal is to get through each day," said Evelyn McCarty, Daviess County EMA. "It's just day to day. Let's get through today, so we can tackle tomorrow," she said.

Disaster preparation doesn't always mean just having supplies ready to go.

"With your support group around you, you're going to make it through the disaster a lot better," said McCarty. "You'll be more relaxed, calm."

Billy Shain said, "I don't know that you're ever prepared for any disaster per se, but every special needs is a little different."

The EMA also suggests using things like Smart911 to prepare for an emergency.

Check out the following links for tips on how to stay safe during a disaster:

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