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Woman recalls her husband who died saving her in mobile home fire

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L-R: Stephen and Barbara Geary. Source: Family photo L-R: Stephen and Barbara Geary. Source: Family photo

An Etowah County man saved his wife from a burning mobile home but lost in own life in the process last weekend. Tuesday, FOX6 photojournalist Dixon Hayes sat down exclusively with the woman who says she's lucky to be alive and owes it all to her husband.

"And he walked through the hall and he come in there and he said, 'Baby, we're not going to make it out of this trailer,'" Barbara Geary said.

Geary recalls the last conversation she ever had with her husband, Stephen, as their mobile home was burning. They said 'I love you' one more time before he dropped her through a window.

"And then he got up on his knees and picked me up in his arms, and threw me out the window," Geary said. "I was hurt because he did me like that. I wanted to be with him. I loved him so much I didn't want to live without him."

Geary thinks her husband passed out right after that, dying with their pet Chihuahua in his arms.

"I was beating on the end of the trailer, screaming his name and I never got an answer," Geary said.

The parents of five and grandparents of seven had just lost a son in the spring. They were staying in Barbara Geary's brother's mobile home. She says their love never faltered even after 35 years of marriage.

"And all the time he said ''Til death do we part, baby,' and I said 'Always, baby, I love you with all my heart,'" Geary said.

The Gearys had only intended to live in this mobile home for a very brief period of time. They were saving up money for a car so they could travel out west.

Now, Geary says she'll move forward without her husband and depend on God's faith to restructure her life.

"He was my love, he was my life, and I can't question God about this," Geary said.

Late Tuesday, investigators ruled that the fire started with an electrical problem and that Stephen died specifically from smoke inhalation.

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