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Insurance company matches $2,500 raised during benefit for Frankee


A benefit was held in Owensboro for a two-year-old girl named Frankee, who suffered severe injuries after swallowing meth making ingredients.

Frankee is now out of the hospital and is recovering while she is in foster care, but she is not out of the woods yet as she still has a number of upcoming surgeries.

Hundreds in Owensboro did what they could to help pay for her medical expenses and raise awareness of child neglect.

"Frankee was a little 2-year-old girl that go in a bad situation in a bad place," says Event Organizer, Don Adams.

In June, Frankee mistakenly drank a meth making ingredient containing drain cleaner and liquid fire, creating traumatic internal burns.

"She was taken to Kosairs. I do know that she's out now and she's under foster care, apparently getting pretty healthy, smiling, and trying to act like a 2-year-old," says Adams.

With more surgeries looming for Frankee, hundreds of people showed up to donate money, and participate in Saturday's 65-mile poker run.

"I got everybody that I knew together," says Douglas Witt. "We need to go help this little girl. I hope she gets to feeling better. I hope this all helps her out a whole lot."

The poker run alone raised over $2,500.

"The very first $2,500 that they raised today, Modern Woodman is going to match it," says Travis Camp with Modern Woodman of America.

It seems Frankee may come out of this situation better than expected

"There's people everywhere all for this little girl," says Adams. "The biker community, just the community of Owensboro, and the Tri-State area, you know, they're just unreal."

Adams says they will hold more benefits like this in the future and 14 News will continue to monitor Frankee's status.

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