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Police: Motorcycle club member arrested for trafficking meth

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A motorcycle club member is in the Floyd County Indiana Jail on Friday night, charged with trafficking meth.

The Ohio County Sheriff's Office say Ronald Basham delivered a pound of meth to informants. Basham is a member of the Louisville Chapter of the Grim Reaper Motorcycle Club.

Basham was taken into custody and authorities planned to release him long enough to get to those higher on the chain, but authorities say Basham took off instead.

He was then arrested Floyd County, Indiana and is charged with trafficking meth and possession of meth.

"The value of it is worth $20,000-$25,000, but when you cut this and you split it up and it goes out in ounces and grams and stuff then the value is worth more," says Sheriff David Thompson.

Authorities say they found more meth in the course of their investigation and Basham could face additional charges.

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