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Former Chandler clerk ordered by judge to pay $100K to bond companies

14 News was the only media in the courtroom on Friday when a judge sentenced Tim Osha to two years in jail, but he is not headed behind bars yet.

The judge suspended the sentence for now.

Osha was initially sentenced to one year in jail for theft and one year for fraud. Those charges are felonies, but it was reduced to misdemeanor theft and fraud.

Instead, the judge ordered Osha to complete 200 hours of community service, apply for at least three jobs a day until he receives a job, and he must pay back $100,000 in restitution to bond companies.

The former Chandler clerk-treasurer pleaded guilty to Theft and Fraud charges in May after Indiana State Police say he used more than $23,000 worth of town funds to buy personal items like televisions, iPads, and other electronics.

Osha resigned from his job as clerk-treasurer of Chandler in 2012 after using town credit card for thousands of dollars for personal purchases.

"I am so sorry that the place I tried so hard to build up, I tore down," says Osha when he took the stand on Friday.

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